Arch-rivals Google and Microsoft call truce in drawn-out patent wars

While Samsung and Apple seem to simply have too much baggage and enormous egos they can’t give up on to once and for all bury the nasty judicial hatchet, two other major tech adversaries may soon become partners in a series of mutually beneficial enterprises.

Of course, the architects of the world-leading Galaxy phones also help out the Cupertino-based cash-making machine with various iPhone components, but Google and Microsoft appear intent to start their collaborations “on certain patent matters and other areas in the future to benefit” the customers of both companies with a clean slate.

As such, Mountain View and Redmond recently agreed to drop a record 20 lawsuits filed in the US and Germany, some dating back from half a decade ago. They all concerned alleged copyright infringement of the Android mobile operating system, Motorola-manufactured handhelds which Google once owned, and the Xbox gaming console.

The financial specifics of the behind-the-scenes, out-of-court settlement haven’t been made public yet, so it’s hard to speculate if one of the litigants paid off the other to move past these seemingly endless quarrels, or if both parties backed out empty-handed.

What’s crystal clear is CEOs Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella want to send the message two tech titans can have a fruitful cooperation in business segments where they can help one another while peacefully competing on web search, tablet/laptop hybrids, smartphone hardware and software, or virtual reality.

Source: Bloomberg

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