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Google Maps will now show real-time boundaries of a wildfire

By Nadeem Sarwar August 20, 2020, 10:30 am

Google is adding a new feature to its eponymous mapping service that will show the real-time impact of a wildfire through a dynamic wildfire boundary. Google is relying on satellite imagery to create a wildfire boundary map, helping people know where the calamity is underway, how to avoid it, and also find useful resources to keep themselves and others safe.

The real-time wildfire boundary map will appear in Search and Maps SOS alerts, but only in the US for now. When people search for relevant keywords such as “wildfire in Colorado” or “California fire”, they’ll see the real-time wildfire map, name and location of the affected area, and resources from local emergency agencies.

Additionally, Google Maps will tell users if they’re getting close to an active blaze area. And in case there are multiple wildfires in a region, users will see multiple polygons depicting each one’s size and location on Google Maps, accompanied by an SOS alert. Here’s how the new Google Maps feature comes to life on mobile devices:

Source: Google Blog


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