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Google introduces Google Maps Timeline to show you it records your every move

By Anton D. Nagy July 22, 2015, 1:29 am

If you have opted to share and store your Location History with Google, you know that the Mountain View company will do exactly that: store your every move (well, your smartphone’s location). Now, all this data is offered back to you for your viewing and browsing pleasure, in a new feature rolling out gradually to Google Maps: Your Timeline.

Google Maps Timeline is, as its name implies, a visual representation of your movements over time. Google emphasizes that the information is visible only to you, and you have the option of deleting certain dates (or ranges), as well as editing the places that appear in the Google Maps Timeline.

Additionally, if you are using Google Photos, these will also appear in your timeline. The feature is currently only available on the Android client (as well as on your desktop computer) and the version of the app that enables the Google Maps Timeline is being gradually made available to users.

Source: Google Maps

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