Google Maps may soon share battery information with live location to friends

Google has updated its Maps app for Android for beta users, bringing it up to version 9.71. Some of the features hidden deep in the code as dug up by Android Police include a bevy of mass transit features such as home screen shortcuts to stations and, perhaps, an entirely new transit experience on Google Maps soon.

One feature that’s being shuttled out to some if not all testers right now is a dedicated screenshot on point of interest detail pages that’s likely designed to get users into saving information about local attraction in case connectivity is scarce.

Yet to be launched, there’s also a standout addition to the location sharing feature: battery data. As it is, beaming out GPS data to friends is a good drain on the power bank, so it might help that everyone knows where they are in terms of battery levels. Users will see a prompt indicating that a person’s “battery level is between” a couple of milestone percentages and whether or not the person is charging — it’s helpful to hear about any outlets coming into view, too.

As it would require permissions to access privileged data, some users may choose to decline the app’s requests for the information and, when prompted, will show to other users that the person’s phone’s “battery level is unknown.”

These features are yet to be published and can just as well be dumped in later revisions, but keep your eyes peeled for them — especially as Google has already made big steps in catering to mass transit commuters’ needs.

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