You’re late. You’re late to work. You’re late to work because you had three hours of sleep last night. And because of that, you cheated a nap after hopping the turnstile and jumping onto a train. And boy, did you pay for it.

It’s hoped that Google Maps can prevent a few weary warriors and tricked tourists from skipping a stop, then doubling back or perhaps a long, brisk walk with new notification prompts telling users how far along their public transit trip they are.

Users will soon be able to tap a new “Start” button when getting directions from one place to another through transit. This will provide users with a guided navigation from A to B. TechCrunch reports that the app will prompt users a couple stops away of when to get off and where to transfer as necessary. Reminders will appear on the lockscreen as well.

This update, which should be live soon, would bring the commute experience more in line with dedicated apps like CityMapper and Transit. A recent Google Maps update brought a departure timetable whenever users were near a major bus stop or train station.

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