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Google Maps borrows useful Waze feature

By Sanuj Bhatia August 24, 2021, 4:30 am
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Google is, once again, borrowing one of the standout features from the Waze navigation app. According to a report from AndroidPolice, Google has sent a message to Maps beta testers that the next major feature to be added in the Maps will be the automatic display of prices for tolls on roads, bridges, and other potentially expensive additions to your navigation route.

According to a beta tester, before you start a route, the Maps app will show the toll prices along the different routes giving users a choice between saving time or money. It’s a good idea to be aware of the tolls ahead and prepare accordingly, especially when planning longer drives.


Currently, Google Maps can tell you if the route you’re on has tolls or not. But specific toll prices are not in the app, unlike Waze in which tells you how much money you’ll spend on tolls by giving an estimate. For now, it’s unclear if this means it’s going to show you the base toll price, average toll price, or the exact price for how long you’re on the toll road.

Back in 2019, the company borrowed the speed limit feature from the Waze app. Before we start criticizing Google for the move, it’s worth noting that Google acquired Waze in 2013. But, despite the acquisition, the company took three years to implement the functionality in Google Maps.

What are your thoughts on Google adding tolls pricing prediction to Maps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: AndroidPolice


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