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It goes without saying that Google Maps is a pretty handy tool, and now, the mobile app is getting even more useful. The company is adding a Google Pay integration in the Google Maps app that will allow users to pay for parking tickets and public transport fares in a jiffy, without having to switch between the navigation and payment apps.

The ability to pay for parking tickets goes live today across 400+ cities in the US on Android

Google has partnered with parking solution service providers Passport and ParkMobile to let users pay for parking even before reaching the designated spot. All you have to do is tap on the “Pay for Parking” button as you draw closer to your destination. Once the prompt appears, all you have to do is enter details such as the amount of time you want your vehicle parked and the meter number for verification.

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Additionally, you will also be able to add extra hours of parking time if the need arises, using the same Google Pay integration in the navigation app. The ability to pay for parking tickets goes live today across 400+ cities in the US on Android, and will soon make its way to the iOS app as well.

Google Maps will let you pay for transit in 80 locations locally in the coming weeks

Aside from paying for parking space, Google Maps is also expanding the ability to pay for public transportation fares by collaborating with more than 80 agencies worldwide. While planning their trip, Google Maps will allow users to pay in advance and also get information about the supported payment options at their destination. The ability to pay for transit tickets will go live internationally within the next few weeks on Android.

“When you get transit directions, you’ll see the option to pay with your phone with the credit or debit cards already linked to your Google Pay account,” the company added in its official blog post. And if you happen to live in a select few locations such as the San Francisco Bay Area, the Google Maps app will also allow you to buy a digital Clipper card and pay for it, and get it verified by tapping your phone on the reader.

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