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If you find yourself futzing around trying to orient yourself coming out of a subway exit and your GPS is just not doing it for you, Google Maps will use visual positioning through your camera’s vision to identify businesses and get a more accurate sense of direction.

This technically lines up with the new feature suite for Google Lens. Lens can now understand text captured in-vision and allow for smart text selection right from the picture or query certain words with an instant search, again, in-vision. Lens also can now rack up fashion searches — Google has made progress with style matching from different designers to different fabrics. Also, real-time results, overlaying graph and YouTube videos onto the viewfinder with an identified subject.

New Google Lens features will be implemented on devices from 11 Android OEMs, including the LG G7 ThinQ, in just weeks.

Back to Google Maps and a new “For You” tab will attune business selections based on your interests. A “Your Match” score will differentiate from the typical star ratings based on said interests. You can long press a result on a search query to save it in a Shortlist and then share that list with your friends. Your friends, once they have access, can then vote on the options in real-time. Perhaps that will lead to your group discovering a new place that you may enjoy together.

Small businesses will also be getting access to tools on Google Maps, making them more accessible to customer calls or to edit operating hours on the fly.

Just some of the Google I/O items being released out there.

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