Google Maps, Amazon, eBay and more pull the plug on Apple Watch support without notice

In case you needed further proof many wearable apps, including some from big-name companies and developers, are simply not that popular and widely used, we’re hearing reports Google Maps, Amazon and eBay, among others, have been dropping Apple Watch support all of a sudden in recent months.

The fact that an Apple-specialized tech publication has only now noticed the discreet functionality reduction of the world’s top-selling smartwatch says a lot about the still-fledgling market, since we’re apparently several weeks after the beginning of this odd phenomenon already.

Granted, wrist titles like Amazon or even eBay have always been regarded as largely useless, especially with an “iWatch” disconnected from an iPhone. Meanwhile, Target no longer offers integration for its main app, but the Cartwheel service remains supported on the Apple Watch.

As for Google Maps, the Mountain View-based search giant has told members of the press the quiet, unexplained removal of compatibility is just temporary, having discarded Apple Watch support “from our latest iOS release but expect to support it again in the future.”

Bottom line, this is perhaps not a huge story in itself, though it may help alleviate Fitbit’s fears that the company’s first “proper” smartwatch will have its mainstream appeal severely damaged by the absence of a promised full-on app store.

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