Google is randomly offering some ‘loyal’ Nexus owners solid 20 percent Pixel 2 discounts

Google’s stock Android-based Nexus hardware program was never able to break into the mainstream mobile tech scene, and although Pixels are in many ways evolved versions of Nexuses, some long-time Big G fans may still find it difficult to let go of the past.

Enter a new loyalty-rewarding program… of sorts, doling out 20 percent discounts on Google’s divisive but slowly improving Pixel 2 and 2 XL. Unfortunately, the special offer’s qualification criteria are unclear, as emails received by a number of Nexus owners simply mention their loyalty will be rewarded by clicking on a link.

They can then shop at the online Google Store and choose their preferred Pixel 2 configuration, with the 20 percent markdown automatically applied before checkout. There are no actual promo codes or coupons involved, so the emails’ recipients are the only ones eligible for the unprecedented discount by February 28.

Alas, not all devoted Nexus fans appear to qualify for the deal, and some that do are already in possession of second-gen Pixels purchased from Google. Be sure to check your inboxes to not miss this very rare chance of buying a brand-new Pixel 2 at an even lower price than recent refurb “bargains.”

That’s right, the smaller model starts at around $520 after 20 percent off, fetching less than $600 with 128GB storage, while a 64 gig Pixel 2 XL is $680 or so, and a 128GB SKU sets you back $760 if you’ve been loyal enough to the Nexus cause.

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