Change is in the air over at Mountain View, and the past few weeks have already brought some serious shifts to the way Google does business, primarily with the announcement of new parent company Alphabet. And while Google will live on under Alphabet, it’s not doing so without making some changes of its own, and today we learn about one very public (if ultimately of little consequence) change that’s happening, as Google reveals the latest redesign of its logo.

google-gWhile the Google logo has gone through a handful of iterations over the years (to say nothing of the hundreds of temporary “doodles” it uses to signify special events), this new one may step further away from established designs than past revisions did, transitioning from a serifed to sans-serif font.

Besides the word-logo itself, Google’s also updating other elements of its branding, dropping the lower-case “g” icon it uses so much in favor of a new multi-color upper-case G – with this same new font.

Google claims these changes help reflect the company’s growth from a simple search engine to the cross-device computing platform it’s not become. That may be stretching too hard to sell a minor aesthetic refresh, but that’s marketing for you.

What are your thoughts on Google’s new look? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Google

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