Google Lens officially starts its gradual rollout on non-Pixel Android devices

The jam-packed 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona also hosted a few interesting Google announcements that perhaps didn’t get the attention they deserved, but fret not, as we’ve just been reminded the search giant’s latest image recognition app is expanding.

Unveiled almost ten months ago at the 2017 I/O developer conference, Google Lens has been available as a “preview” on both first and second-gen Pixel phones since November. The same preview experience is now slowly rolling out to other Android (Oreo) devices, also “coming soon” to iOS.

All you have to do is make sure the Google Photos app on your eligible Android handset is up to date, and if you’re lucky (or willing to wait a few more days), you should be able to simply snap a picture of a famous landmark, and instantly get info about it without actually performing a manual or voice web search.

Another nifty use case Google is highlighting on Twitter is the possibility to effortlessly create a contact from a business card in no time, although the AI-powered Lens skill set is way more complex and extensive than that. It will obviously get even better and more diverse down the line, aiming to leave services like Samsung’s Bixby Vision in the dust.

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