Google lead on Allo and Duo discusses why SMS won’t get integrated

Google head of product for Allo and Duo Amit Fulay dove into a chat session with Twitter users on where the company wants to take its messaging solutions in the wake of the launch of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

The basic chart to plot (the above picture courtesy of Google Product Manager Brenden Mulligan) is that each pair caters to consumers and enterprise respectively. Allo and Hangouts Chat serve text purposes while Duo and Hangouts Meet serve video ones.

So, why not have a merged solution as the old Hangouts once was? The main priority was to simplify the video calling experience.

Fulay admits that straight-up voice calls in Duo and function bridges between the two apps may come easier in the future. A desktop version of Allo is still being worked on, much to user demand. SMS integration, though, is less likely to come outside of Android Messages.

To that regard, Google has been investing in its Jibe RCS servers. Against that regard, Hangouts as we know it will be sticking around.

While user demand may show interest for an app, there has to be enough of it to keep one alive. Google’s tendency to stop and start over again on its app efforts is well-known and it leads to concerns that Allo and Duo will be gone by next week, never mind next year.

But as Fulay knows, actual code needs a roadmap to be spoken for.

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