Google CEO Larry Page recently participated in an interview with Fortune, published this morning. During the course of his discussions about Google, where it’s heading, and its place in the industry, he touched on a few topics near and dear to our hearts, talking about Android, some of Google’s mobile projects, and competition in the mobile space.

Ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobility, we’ve been wondering if Motorola would become the new face of Google’s Nexus lineup. Page explains that one big reason we haven’t seen anything like that yet is because Google hasn’t had enough time with Motorola since it took control. Beyond that, though, he gets quite vague, and doesn’t make any promises about what we might see along those lines in the future.

Yesterday we talked about the ongoing problems Google Wallet has had with carriers, and Page seems to share those frustrations. He claims that users have been raving about how much they like the service, and Google would “obviously like to get it to more people if we are allowed to,” continuing, “I’d like to see more cooperation in that area and in many parts of the industry.”

As for Apple and the rest of Google’s smartphone competition, Page comes off as quite democratic, not trying to frame things as an us-versus-them situation. He doesn’t want to hamper innovation by Google employees focusing on outdoing the other guys at their own game, and instead wants Google coming up with new ideas that push boundaries – “the thing you haven’t thought of yet that you really need”.

For even more discussion of Google’s relationship with its competitors, as well as Page’s thoughts beyond the scope of the mobile space, check out the full collection of interview excerpts through the source link below.

Source: Fortune
Via: Engadget

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