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Google is killing the Shoelace app, but have you heard of it before?

By Prakhar Khanna April 29, 2020, 2:00 pm
Google Shoelace

Google is killing another app from its Area 120 experimental products division. It is called Shoelace. You are likely to have not heard of it yet since it was an NYC-exclusive.

The app was made to explore “community-powered events in NYC,” allowing folks to join one of six communities. These included nightlife, foodies, and lgbtq+. The users could then join meetups/activities called “Loops”. However, not many got access to it since at least at one point, it was invite-only.

It was built in a hope to build communities and friendships, and expanding the circle of acquaintances in the big city over time.

Google Shoelace accounts and user data will be deleted by May 12. You can still apply to receive a copy of your customer data here.

Source: Android Police

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