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Google is developing a ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS

By Roland Udvarlaki July 28, 2021, 7:30 am
Switch to Android featured

Google is developing a new iOS tool that’ll be called ‘Switch to Android’. The application is said to be able to copy important data and apps from an iPhone and bring it over to Android, much like how ‘Move to iOS’ works on Android, but the other way around.

In 9to5Google’s latest ‘APK Insight’, an Android component called “Data Restore Tool” was found to contain code that hints at a new application. The application currently shows signs that it may be a “Switch to Android” app that may be available on the iOS App Store in the near future, similar to how Apple has its own “Move to iOS” on the Google Play Store for a few years now.


Currently, Google does the switching procedure by backing up contacts, calendar events, and photos to Google Drive. When the new user is signed in with the same Google account, the content will then be accessible and downloadable onto the device.

The “Data Restore Tool” has received an update recently to version 1.0.382048734, and this is where 9to5Google has noticed some of the signs that Google may be working on a switch application.

Step 1: Get the Switch to Android app from the App Store

Step 2: Go to your Wi-Fi settings

Step 3: Connect to network ^1 and enter password ^2

To transfer apps, SMS messages, and contacts, enter your iTunes® backup password

In addition, there are also signs that Google might finally let users “transfer” apps from iOS to Android, although it’s not yet clear how that’d work in practice. In theory, the application would be able to index all the apps on the iOS device and search the Play Store database to find the same applications on Android and queue them up for download. Paid applications will almost certainly not be transferred over, and they’ll likely have to be purchased again on the other platform to use them.


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