Google I/O Editorial Roundtable: Google Music, Maps, and More (Video)

Google I/O is still underway, and even though there is still more to be seen at the event, we could say that everything we were waiting to know about Android has already been said. There’s a lot that we saw that we liked, a lot that to be honest with you, we’re still waiting to see if they reveal as a “one more thing”, and a lot that did surprise us about Google’s new approach to their yearly developer conference. We haven’t seen any Key Lime Pie, we haven’t seen any Android 4.3 either, and it all points to a very stale Google I/O all around. Still, not everything is lost as we finally see Google adopt popular devices like the Galaxy S 4 and offering a version with Stock Android.

That said, we’re all different guys, with different opinions on what we saw today, and that’s why we discuss these things in our Editorial Roundtable. Just as we talked about what we liked and what we didn’t like about Nokia’s event yesterday, we’ll now take a stab at Google I/O. Make sure you join us in our live hangout to happen today at 4:00PM EST, and make sure you share your thoughts in the comments as we go through the different topics that mattered at Google I/O 2013.

Just a reminder that this will be a Pocketnow hangout specifically, as we discuss our own opinions, and we’ll definitely have an open hang-out on Friday to discuss your thoughts on the event as well.

This post will be updated with the video stream so that you can watch once the hangout begins.

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