Heads up, Android devs, Google I/O 2016 tickets are now available for lottery winners

There aren’t many tech companies that can charge people $900 for attending a developer-focused conference, and attract so much interest in their software products a raffle is needed to randomly select participants from the hordes of applicants.

But Google I/O ticket demand has once again exceeded the capacity of the event’s venue, moved from the traditional San Francisco Moscone Center to the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, so even if you entered the lottery in time, and were lucky enough to be chosen, you only have 24 hours to act.

24 hours starting the minute you received your joyful email notification, so keep a very close eye on your inbox, and have the 900 bucks prepared. If Big G doesn’t get the payment confirmation before your 24 hours are up, someone else will take your place and you’ll lose the chance to see Sundar Pichai demo Android N’s coolest features in the flesh.

Google IO 2016 lottery winner

Let’s not forget the customary freebies offered at I/O, last year’s conference netting its attendees a Nexus 9 tablet and Google Cardboard, and the previous edition an earlier version of the VR viewer, Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live.

We’re guessing you could receive a complimentary Nexus 5X or even 6P this time around, alongside perhaps a nice jar of delicious Nutella to clear up the Android N naming mystery. Yeah, okay, that’s a stretch, but a sensor-laden next-gen Cardboard is probably not.

Source: Android Police

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