Google Home practically guaranteed to support SmartThings off the bat

When Google introduced the aptly named voice-enabled Google Home wireless speaker to the world at the I/O developers’ conference back in May, we only got a general idea of how the Amazon Echo rival would eventually work.

And while it sounded largely familiar and thus easy enough to grasp for anyone that’s ever heard of or interacted with Alexa, plenty of make-or-break questions remain (officially) unanswered. In roughly 24 hours, Big G should finally break the silence and shatter all mysteries, likely confirming among others a strong Chromecast connection, $130 MSRP, and… SmartThings compatibility.

The almost always reliable folks over at Android Police are so confident in their latest Google Home-centric report that they’re giving the rumor the maximum grade of trust. Basically, it’s as good as confirmed that Samsung SmartThings-powered lights, switches and whatnot will support Google Assistant voice controls through the search giant’s own home automation hub.

Of course, this obligatory collaboration doesn’t really give Google the edge over Amazon in a very competitive space that Apple could also try to penetrate before long. But it’s a start. Hopefully, a lot more third-party products and services shall throw their weight behind the $130 smart speaker tomorrow as well.

Source: Android Police

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