Google Home Mini is donut-sized harbinger for Google Assistant upgrades

Over the course of last year, Google Assistant took in 50 million voice samples and learned more than 100 million new and unique answers to give back to users in a growing breadth of countries. The Google Home has been the most prominent association with Google Assistant’s power and.

The Google Home Mini is the newest smart speaker. The top portion of the circular pad is made out of a custom-thread fabric and has a touch interface on it with simply LED lights. Its overall size has been compared to a donut.

It comes in chalk, charcoal and coral colors and connects to all Google Chromecast Built-in speakers. It will retail for $49 with online pre-orders starting today and US in-store availability on October 19. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK, which already have Google Home support, will get the Mini as well.

Voice Match trains the speaker to detect any one user’s voice and provide answers — it will refer to your friend whose name is Alex and not your brother’s different friend named Alex. Family Link accounts will be able to reach users in the house for further refined results. Kids’ speech syntax has been taken specially into account. Hands-free calling will also be brought along — just like Amazon Echo speakers today — which will link to users’ mobile numbers.

These technologies will also apply to existing Google Home speakers.

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