Google Home gets free hands-free calling, notifications, Bluetooth support and more

Everyone from Amazon to Microsoft to… Apple (?) wants to take control of your smart home and living room entertainment with so-called smart speakers, but today’s obviously Google’s day to show off its Echo-killing master plan, starting with hands-free and, well, money-free calling.

Google Home can only make calls at the moment, which should considerably ease at least some of your privacy concerns, and these don’t cost a dime stateside or in Canada, whether you’re contacting a smartphone user or fellow Google Home owner.

But that’s just scratching the surface of a truly massive list of new Google Home features and upgrades, also including notifications (finally!) for flight status, traffic alerts and various other reminders in what El Goog is dubbing a “proactive assistance” offensive.

Still, that’s not all, as you’re getting official support for Spotify’s free service, SoundCloud, Deezer, HBO Now, plus the ability to command audio playing via Bluetooth. What else? Oh, yeah, thanks to a simple and super-affordable Chromecast setup, you can get responses to your Google Home voice queries on your big-screen TV. No ETAs though, just a bunch of “coming soons” and “over time” promises. No new model with a standalone screen or camera either.

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