Nowhere near as “skilled” as the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo, possibly not even after a bevy of recent and impending feature add-ons, Google Home always had the edge in affordability.

Originally priced at $129, the Google Assistant-employing smart speaker also got a few discounts fairly quickly after its November 2016 commercial debut, not to mention the occasional bundle deal or smartphone freebie.

But Echo devices saw their MSRPs constantly slashed as the family grew bigger, and inevitably, the “full-sized”, regular Amazon smart home hub is about to undercut its most dangerous rival/copycat.

For 30 hours or so, Prime members will be able to pick up the intelligent cylinder for $90 after a 50 percent markdown, an irresistible steal that Big G is looking to neutralize with its own “limited quantity” Google Home offer on eBay.

Yup, in case you didn’t know, Google sometimes sells stuff on eBay, and right now, a Google Home & Chromecast “Video Bundle” costs $99.99. That’s 30 bucks off the smart speaker’s list price, plus an additional $35 you can save as you essentially get the second-gen Chromecast movie streamer free of charge.

Needless to stress you’ll have to hurry to take advantage of this rather unique promotion, or settle for a $99 Google Home and $25 Chromecast or Chromecast Audio from Google’s US e-store. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Alexa voice remote-included Fire TV Stick is still $39.99, though some sort of Prime Day deal is possible for that as well. Talk about tough decisions.