Google Home and Chromecast Ultra prices ‘confirmed’ ahead of October 4 launches

While the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, quietly manufactured by HTC and assertively marketed by Google, are set to undoubtedly seize the spotlight at Big G’s highly anticipated October 4 product announcement event, you shouldn’t forget there’s other exciting stuff in the pipeline too.

Like a first-party Daydream View (name pending confirmation) virtual reality headset. Or a Google Assistant-powered Google Home smart speaker that technically went official back in May, sans many details, tech specs and commercial availability info however.

Last but not least, a third-generation Chromecast is almost surely coming, with 4K video and HDR support possibly headlining its list of major upgrades. Alas, the new digital media player dongle, dubbed Chromecast Ultra, can’t retain the supreme affordability of its predecessors, starting at $70 soon instead of $35, according to two separate, independent and equally trustworthy Android Police sources.

The same insiders claim the Google Home automation hub shall cost $130, meaning the search giant is well aware of the Amazon Echo’s early advantage in the fledgling industry. The latter still sets you back $180 in black or white, and although Amazon also has cheaper Tap and Echo Dot models on offer, it’s safe to assume the larger, pricier speaker will be Google Home’s direct rival. Or rather the other way around. With Apple reportedly working on something to contend both devices, it’s definitely the right call to price the Google Home “aggressively.”

Source: Android Police

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