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Android’s Google app (née Google Search) is already a voice-powered juggernaut. Get things going with a brief “OK Google,” and you’re ready to start converting milliliters to ounces, check what time the local grocery store closes tonight, or find out how tall Channing Tatum is. The voice control extends to letting you interact with certain apps, like how you’ve been able to compose a new text message using your voice alone. Now Google’s taking that voice-controlled messaging to the next level, as it gives its app the power to compose spoken-word Hangouts messages.

The feature works quite similarly to how its voice-driven text messages were composed: after you command the app to “send a hangouts message” it will prompt you to name a recipient, then dictate the text you want to send. Once you confirm its interpretation of your words, you can send the message with another voice command.

Given how much this has in common with the existing SMS support it’s hardly a game-changer, but adding Hangouts support is still a worthwhile new feature for the continually-improving app. Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think: is this something you can see yourself using a lot? Maybe while you’re driving? Or are you just faster doing it by hand?

Source: Android Police

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