Google Glass is one of those products that was definitely cool, up until we learned of its crazy price tag. Surely a few people here and there were willing to invest $1,500 on a unit, but the whole purpose of the product wore off as quick as users begun to notice that it was too little product for too much money. As a result Google has decided to re-think this concept through its new Project Aura, and today we learn more about its future.

Sources claim that Google is currently testing as many as 3 different prototypes for its future Google Glass model. We’re not sure if all models will make the cut, but the most interesting one is a Google Glass unit that doesn’t have a heads-up display. Instead users will receive audio prompts, though there aren’t specific details as to how this will provide audio to the user, be it a Bluetooth headset, bone conduction, you name it. The other two prototypes are apparently being built for companies that do require the assistance of a display.

Whether Google Glass finds a future is still hard to predict, but it’s always great to see Google try.

Source: The Information
Via: The Verge

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