Google Glass

Google Glass is dead, long live Project Aura! Of course, the latter isn’t a final, commercial name, much like the new augmented reality device currently being worked on behind closed doors is a long way from completion.

Well, maybe not that long, based on a set of exciting pics starring a prototype that visited the FCC a while back for regulatory approval. Chances are that particular gadget was shelved, but not canceled altogether, with a revised team of engineers featuring a number of former Amazon employees thinking of ways to polish a neat yet impractical concept.

In a sea of uncertainty, Google just pulled a couple of very revealing online moves, wiping essentially all traces of the old smart specs from social media. If the search giant could wipe our memory, it’d probably do that also, with Google Glass official accounts erased from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, the Google Plus page is still standing, but it’s devoid of any content aside from a sendoff post of sorts directing Explorers, i.e. beta testers and buyers, to a sub-section on the company’s support servers where contact means are detailed “if you have any questions about your glass.”

There you have it, ladies and gents, it was quite the wild, bumpy and unpredictable ride, but now it’s time to leave the sinking ship and see where the future takes us. Just don’t wait too long to name, finalize and commercially release Project Aura, Google, as early Glass adopters might be tempted by one of the looming virtual reality headsets.

Sources: Cnet, Google+

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