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As much as the folks at Mountain View did their best in making Google Glass something cool to wear, we all know that the end result was far from positive. Many people debated if paying $1500 for a pair of unproven glasses was worth it, and those who did prove their bravery in the initial Explorer program, didn’t like to be called “glassholes” at all. Google Glass was a true challenge for public etiquete, but the company has now come on record to confirm that the project is not done.

Google’s Eric Schmidt was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on the topic, and he was clear about the fact that even though the press affirmed that Google Glass was dead when the Explorer program finished in January, reality is far from it. According to Schmidt, this would be like claiming that Google’s self-driving car project is a failure, just because he’s currently not using one. All projects take time, and this was just the first step for Google Glass, according to Schmidt. He also confirmed that the reason why Tony Fadell is overseeing the project at the moment, is to figure out a way to make the product ready for consumers. We all remember Fadell’s expertise in making the iPod one of Apple’s most loved consumer products in history, so we could say this has fallen into the right hands.

We don’t know when we’ll see more when it comes to Google Glass, but regardless of what the plan is, let’s just hope we see less limitations on such an expensive product.

Source: WSJ

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