Google “Fuchsia” repository has us wondering about a new OS

Engineers at Google are converging on a new OS project called “Fuchsia” and there’s speculation on whether this represents the merging of Android and Chrome OS or if its purposes will be directed away from mobile.

Google’s Git repository lists this new project as a combination between “Pink” and “Purple.” The company’s Magenta and LK kernels will be used in the project — the latter is the basis for “small systems typically used in embedded applications” while the former targets “modern phones and modern personal computers […] with arbitrary peripherals doing open ended computation.”

The package contains frameworks for apps and user interface powered by Google’s own coding language, Dart. There’s also a physically based renderer for shadow and diffusion graphical effects and a redundant applications framework — perhaps signalling that different parts of the OS will tie to different third-party services.

Parallels may be drawn to the introduction of the Google Play Store and Android apps to the Chrome OS ecosystem. Fuchsia is said to be the only active operating system development at Google right now.

Hacker News is reporting that Travis Geiselbrech and Brian Swetland are on the Fuchsia project. Geiselbrech has an author listing on webOS for Palm and iOS while Swetland worked on Android. Both had worked on BeOS, software for Be Inc.’s BeBox personal computers in the 90’s. That company was picked up by Palm.

Source: Google Git (GitHub mirror)
Via: Digital Trends

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