Google brings five new languages, GIF suggestions to Gboard keyboard app for iOS

Voice calls, texts, words in general, both spoken and written, appear to be losing steam in modern day-to-day communication. The perfect emoji and a carefully selected GIF can take little effort and convey much more emotion, as well as mystery and ambiguity, than your typical figure of speech.

With your emoji game recently upped by SwiftKey’s aptly named Swiftmoji release on Android and iOS, it’s time you also brushed up on your GIF reaction skills today, thanks to Google and its more awkwardly titled Gboard app.

Unfortunately for our Android-dedicated readers, Gboard for iOS continues to run circles around its Play Store equivalent in terms of search integration, and the same now goes for smart GIF suggestions. iPhone and iPad users can find Graphics Interchange Format image-choosing inspiration as they type common phrases like “let’s party!”, programmed to deliver relevant results such as scenes from popular movies.

The feature, of course, builds on the existing strengths of text, search and emoji suggestions, with the first big Gboard update also adding French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish support to the only language available at launch, plus a cool new dark theme as an optional replacement for the standard light mode, and finally, personalized backgrounds. Man, iFans are lucky!

Source: Google Search Blog

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