Google’s Gboard for iOS perfectly integrates search into your keyboard [UPDATE]

Update: A Google product manager on the Gboard team said that they are working on bringing features from the app over to the Android side. We’re not sure in what form the features will come in, though.

Our original story is below.

If you also feel like most third-party iOS keyboards are always one step behind their Android counterparts, and find the former platform’s built-in app a little lacking in functionality and versatility, we have some pretty big news for you today.

Good, potentially game-changing news, to be specific, as recent rumors of a cutting-edge, gesture typing-capable Google Keyboard heading for iPhones have just materialized. The name is however Gboard, and there’s so much more going on that you should know of.

Yes, Glide Typing is supported, so “everything you do is just a little bit faster”, as you no longer need to pause between taps, with your finger naturally sliding from key to key instead. But that’s hardly the main selling point here.

By the way, “sell” is a figure of speech, with Gboard available as a free App Store download, though only stateside for now. Back to what makes this so appealing and ironically superior to Android’s own Google Keyboard, it’s how searching and sending information is simplified and streamlined.

Forget switching back and forth between your keyboard and search engine as you need to look something up while exchanging texts, e-mails or penning angry YouTube comments. Now you have the web just one tap away even with your browser closed. So brilliant, so simple, such a time-saving and intuitive feature!

Gboard lets you perform quick Google searches while typing in a wide array of apps, and it also brings your favorite GIFs and Emojis closer at hand. Take that, Microsoft!

Source: Official Google Blog, ProductHunt

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