Google was panned. Google was praised. Google was being unique.

It might not matter what you think about how the Pixel looks — it worked for the company and it hasn’t deterred demand. The process of getting to the Pixel’s look was profiled by CNET last week and Krishna Kumar, Product Lead for the Pixel, decided to take the opportunity to throw some food for thought to the Pixel User Community. The forum has been a discussion center for fellow owners to discuss issues like image corruptions and broken speakers, but it also inadvertently played hub to what people wanted from a Pixel 2.

“What do you like about the design? What do you hate about it? What did we get right?,” Kumar asked.  “What would you like to see us improve?”

Well, that’s a sequel confirmed, right?

The discussion took turns supporting more buttons, fewer buttons, stereo speakers, wireless charging here, waterproofing there and a lot more. Storage and RAM upgrades were requested with better overall specs and biometrics and the camera app and sometimes the rails just came out from under the train.

If we’re being honest, everyone’s looking out for number one:

Here is what I don’t like about it: Those huge bezels


Would love to see smaller bezels and water resistance next time. That’s it for me.


The bezels are huge… Unacceptably huge.


I can understand the top bezel and side bezels but what is with the large empty space under the screen?

Zack Venables

I want the Mi Mix in a pixel form. No bezel, large screen, small foot print, no sacrifices.

Matthew Rumery

Alas, the harshest indictment is one we’ve used for other devices in the past:

A phone I don’t need to put a case on so I don’t have to hide the design your team obsessed over

Adam Mawaz

The initial thread that the conversation was taking place on had already filled to maximum capacity by the first couple of days and a follow-on thread had to be created and daisy-chained. We have a link to the first thread in the source bar.

All we have to do is see if Google has the appetite to bare teeth against the iPhone 8.

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