Google Flights will help you find the cheapest tickets, anticipate price hikes, and more

Traveling home for the holidays? Thinking of pulling a “Christmas with the Kranks”… all the way, and escape the cold to some sunny, exotic destination? Perhaps looking at early Vegas or Barcelona accommodations for the fast-approaching CES and MWC expos?

Whatever your ultimate goal and trip motivation, next time you’re gearing up to book a flight literally anywhere in the world, be sure to check out Google’s latest batch of travel planning-simplifying features on your mobile device.

The search giant is going to alert you of prospective fare changes, based on history, traditional demand and other factors, lending a hand in getting the cheapest plane tickets and best hotel deals.

Google Flights can track a preferred route or recommend places to visit, delivering email notifications as soon as you’re able to save a buck, or just before a price hike is anticipated. Apparently, 69 percent of US leisure travelers “worry that they’re not finding the best price or making the best decision while booking a trip”, which makes “this kind of purchase more worrisome than financial investments, home improvements or electronic purchases.”

Instead of letting this unnecessary stress get to you therefore, and having to scour the web yourselves for weeks on end wondering when and where discounts might pop up, leave all the heavy lifting to the updated Google Flights service. If it’s as intuitive as advertised, you’ll avoid plenty of hassle.

Source: Google Blog

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