After being in development for quite a while, Google has finally started the rollout of its wireless file transfer tool for Android phones – Nearby Share. As the name suggests, it will allow two smartphones in the vicinity to share files, both online and offline. It may sound an awful lot like Apple’s AirDrop, but Nearby Share also has a few safety protocols baked into it.


Nearby Sharing will be available for all smartphones running Android 6 or a later version, with some Samsung and Google smartphones already receiving it at the time of writing this article. Once you open a file and hit the tap button, the Nearby Share option will pop up. Users close by will then receive a notification that someone wants to share a file with them, something they can choose to accept or decline.

Once the receiver accepts the request, Nearby Share will choose between Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer WiFi protocols to transfer the files. Users can choose to share the file anonymously and all data that is transmitted is encrypted. Additionally, users can adjust their visibility status between three variables – all contacts, some contacts and remain hidden to everyone.


Google has also announced that Nearby Share will soon allow users to exchange files between an Android smartphone and Chromebooks, or vice versa.

Source: Google Blog

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