Either this Google exec really likes Nutella, or that’s the name of the next Android version

Water is wet, grass is green, and Nutella is the tastiest dessert that starts with the letter N. Don’t even try to think of a sweeter treat, as everything from nougat to nocciola, Neapolitan, Norman tart and New York Cheesecake (?!) feels embarrassingly inferior.

Why is then Google still considering a number of candidates, including some proposed by you, for the popular name of the next Android OS version? To mess with us, of course, which the platform’s SVP has pulled off brilliantly on Twitter since February.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, who also serves as the search giant’s Senior Vice President of Chrome OS and the Play Store departments, revealed his penchant for Italian hazelnut cocoa spreads months ago, dropping obvious hints as to Google’s desire to enter a marketing partnership with Ferrero on occasion.

At one point, Lockheimer claimed he looked up how to spell nougat, Nutella being far more straightforward, while just last week, he snapped a photo of a dessert menu inconspicuously featuring a dish called Nutella pizzetta. Finally, earlier today, the exec returned to his teasing (and trolling) games by tweeting a screenshot of his desktop, including yet another Nutella web search. This could mean everything… or nothing at all.

Source: Twitter
Via: The Verge

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