Ever since Google I/O, we’ve been wondering when Google might get around to all the announcements that didn’t happen: a new Nexus tablet, maybe the Moto X, and Android 4.3. While it’s not quite a lock, Google just began distributing invitations to an event next week that sure has the trappings of an Android-related announcement.

Google invites the press to attend breakfast with Sundar Pichai next Wednesday, July 24. Of course, when you ask a bunch of tech journalists to come around and hang out with the head of Android, the subject matter is bound to extend beyond crullers, and with a livestream of the event planned, an announcement of some kind seems likely.

Like we mentioned, though, there are a whole bunch of different things Google could have to share – Pichai might touch upon all of them, just one or two, or maybe this could be about something we’ve yet to even consider. The latter’s just an outside possibility, however – the smart money says that we’re going to get the official story on at least one of these oft-rumored subjects.

Source: Google
Via: Android Central

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