Before even Google I/O 2019, the company will have its chance to address an audience it has not directly talked to that many other smartphone companies have: gamers.

The company sent out an invitation for an event on March 19 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center — just in time for the Game Developers Conference — to Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier. As that publications covers a wide range of gaming topics, Schreier is betting on this keynote to publicize a cloud-streaming platform for games.

Kotaku sources have said that Google’s newfound involvement in games will also extend to a new console and, perhaps, acting as a publishing house, too — on the latter front, the company is said to be making individual developer hires and considering acquisitions. You can learn more at the source link below this story.

What this means for the mobile side is not entirely known — gaming phones have popped up in the last year as the rage of an underserved niche — but if there are any companies out there that have the capacity to bring a quality experience to centrally-served games, it might as well be Google.

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