Our apology for some technical difficulties in publishing this. The video has been live on YouTube since yesterday.

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the new rumors on the Oppo Find 7 with its 2K display. Then we shift our focus towards Nokia as things don’t seem positive when it comes to their 8.3-inch tablet plans, even though Microsoft’s 8-inch Surface is rumored to bring some innovative things. Samsung is next, this time because the company has shifted their marketing strategy, and that even includes plans for retail stores. We then cover the rumors of Google’s EnergySense climate control app, and what this means. We end today’s show talking about the wooden Moto X, which is finally a sad reality.

All this and more after the break.

Oppo Find 7 2K screen confirmed, but questions remain about its size
Nokia changes its mind about 8.3-inch “Illusionist” tablet?
Surface Mini tablet to support in-air gesture control?
Samsung spending shifting from straight advertising to promotional incentives
Don’t be surprised if you start seeing some very Apple-looking Samsung stores
Google EnergySense climate control app revealed
Moto X wood option finally available (with some surprises)

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