For a while now, we’ve been expecting Google to do something new with cases for its Nexus devices. Rumors emerged last year about a custom case program for the Nexus 5, one we saw mature to support the Nexus 6 as new evidence emerged last month. But so far, none of that custom angle has yet to go official. We’re still not there quite yet, but today Google introduces a slightly different case program for some popular smartphones – and not just Nexus models – announcing its “Editions” series with the Skrillex Live Case.

Yup: dubstep poster-boy Skrillex wants to bring you smartphone cases now, for some reason. And he’s doing so with the help of his weather balloon. Because of course he is.

The Skrillex Live Case is available in three different designs, with options to fit the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy Note 4. Besides snazzing-up the exterior of your phone, the cases have a companion live wallpaper that displays images Skrillex is shooting with a camera attached to his weather balloon. We can not make this up.

The $40 case is a limited-edition model, though it sounds like Google intends to have a lot more of these Editions cases coming in the future, likely with tie-ins from other artists. Hopefully, we’ll also see availability spread to additional phones.

Source: Google

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