Google Duo video calling app for Android and iOS begins global rollout

It feels odd to talk about Google Duo like it’s a new thing, both because the video calling service was unveiled way back in May at the I/O developer conference, and considering it looks so simple and basic you have to wonder what on earth took the search giant so long.

But it’s the cross-platform app’s simplicity that makes it so appealing, with very few bells and whistles needed to minimize the frustration and complication of too many other video chat services.

A single tap can initiate a Google Duo video call on Android and iOS, as sign-up procedures are simplified by the fact no separate account is required, speed, smoothness, reliability and security featuring high on the list of strong suits as well.

Your communications are end-to-end encrypted by default, Wi-Fi and cellular data will be switched on the go for the best possible call quality and minimum expenses, and if necessary, Duo can automatically reduce video resolution so your precious personal and business interactions are never interrupted.

Finally, there’s also that Knock Knock preview function still sounding equal parts convenient and creepy, allowing you to catch a live glimpse of your caller before actually picking up. The Android and iOS rollout begins today, with the “next few days” spreading the app “worldwide.”

Source: Google Blog

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