Google Allo

In news about Google chat apps — well, only about two of them — that you may or may not use anymore, two project leads for the Duo calling app and Allo advanced messaging app have announced separate updates on the states of their play.

Justin Uberti, who’s technical lead on Duo, tweeted out the rolling-out of reliability improvements to versin 13.1 of the app on Android and 13.2 on iOS. Voice and video calls can always do with better reliability.

Amit Fulay, head of product for Allo, was then asked when his app will get a web or desktop version.

This is one piece of continuity that users have been demanding. Well, besides answers as to why Hangouts exists in a somewhat discordant harmony with these two — and don’t get people started about Android Messages.

Reaction to Fulay’s “few weeks” timeline on Reddit has been swift and devestating. Here’s word from /u/4567890:

Man, the Allo team is SO far behind, and SO slow, that I don’t see how anyone can have confidence in this product.

Like you begin a race in last place and the strategy is the be the slowest runner? They will never catch up to anyone like this. I’ve never seen a Google product with this hopeless of an outlook.

Android Police reported back in May that Google’s VP of Communications Nick Fox targeted the web client’s public launch for “a month or two”.

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