Google encourages iPhoners to move to Android with new backups strategy

Apple’s first Android app, cruelly enough, was an app that allowed those considering switching from the green robot to an iWhatever to make sure all the data made the trip with them.

We don’t believe Apple would allow Google to make a similar app named “Move to Android” and put it in the App Store, but hey, at least you have a game plan if you want to go the other way around.

That plan is at and entails downloading some Google apps if you don’t already have them.

The Google Photos app can help users (who sign into their Google account) back up their photos to the cloud. The backups of high-quality “optimized” images or original quality photos up to 13 megapixels in resolution are free and don’t count against users’ data.

Up to 50,000 songs in switchers’ iTunes libraries can be moved to Google Play Music through a manager program, available from the site. Fair warning: signing up for Google Play Music will need a credit card on the account.

The Google Drive app has been updated to include backup functions for contacts and calendar events from your local drive, too.

Finally, you’re advised to turn off iMessage to keep your number from bursting with unnecessary messages on your dead account. That might be the biggest hurdle out of this journey, but it’s a must-do if you feel like switching operating systems.

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