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Google Drive app on iOS gets Face ID and Touch ID support

By Nadeem Sarwar May 4, 2020, 5:00 pm

Google Drive app for iPhone and iPad has received a new update that adds support for Face ID and Touch ID as an additional layer of protection. Version 4.2020.18204 of the Google Drive app on the App Store mentions the arrival of a new feature called Privacy Screen that integrates Face ID and Touch ID for the cloud storage app.

The app listing only mentions that Face ID or Touch ID will protect sensitive files from prying eyes. However, Google warns that Privacy Screen may not provide the necessary protection when it comes to notifications, “Certain Siri functionality”, files shared using the Files app and photo transfers from the Photos app.

Privacy Screen will require Face ID or Touch ID authentication every time the Google Drive app is opened. However, users can prevent Privacy Screen from kicking in for a duration of 10 seconds, one minute, or 10 minutes while multitasking. Interestingly, the changelog is dated May 4, but as per a Digital Trends report, this feature began showing up for users back in October.

Source: App Store

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