Google ’s new dongle gives us longer playback and lower latency for an extra $3

Google, unfortunately, followed Apple’s footsteps last year and got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack on its Pixel 2 devices. Of course, that also means that they started selling dongles to allow wired headphone lovers to keep used their headsets. Those first USB-C headphone jack adapters came with a $20 price tag that soon dropped to $9. Now we see the second generation of these dongles, with some improvements.

Google has quietly launched a new headphone adapter on the Google Store. They claim that this new dongle provides 53% lower latency and 38% longer playback time than its predecessor. It costs $12 and it’s a bit smaller than the old one. Its 2.8 millimeters shorter, 0.6 narrower, 0.7 thinner, and 0.4 grams lighter. These upgrades are unfortunately only valid for Android P or higher running devices, but let’s be honest, you’re only going to need them if you have a Pixel 2 or the upcoming Pixel 3. Let’s be even more honest, we just want our 3.5mm headphone jack back.

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