Update: Apps also available for Android. Remember, the existing Drive app used to be Docs (and it’s still using the “com.google.android.apps.docs” identifier), but this marks the return of Docs to Android as a stand-alone app.

Update 2: Now we’ve got Google’s official statement, along with word that a third app, Slides, is on its way soon.

Is Google feeling a little pressure from Microsoft with the release of Office for the iPad last month? It used to be that if you wanted to access documents stored in Google’s cloud from iOS devices, you’d fire-up Google Drive, or make do with Google’s web interface. But with competition heating up, Google seems to have gotten the message that it needs to increase its efforts a little for iOS users, and today we see the company release stand-alone Google Docs and Google Sheets apps for the iPhone and iPad (and Android devices, as well).

The apps offer users the abilities to create new documents, edit existing ones, or engage in collaborative editing with a group of colleagues, complete with an invite system to draw new eyes into the mix. If you’ll be headed somewhere where data access isn’t guaranteed, both apps support caching local copies of files for offline use.

While we’re sure there will be a few complaints that these apps are seriously overdue, we’re just happy to see them finally turn up. We suppose we shouldn’t hold our breath for Windows Phone equivalents, but we can always dream, right?

Source: Apple 1,2
Via: 9to5 Mac

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