Image: YouTube / Thomas Steiner

Google has launched a new Chrome extension that “allows for linking to arbitrary text on a page.” Or in simple words, it will let you select a specific text or segment on any website and create a link to it. The text or word you selected for creating a link will appear highlighted in yellow color.

The Chrome extension is called Link to Text Fragment, and here’s how you can start using this extremely useful tool:

  1. Install the Link to Text Fragment from the Chrome extension store here.
  2. Select the word or text fragment that you want to create a link for.
  3. Once you’ve selected it, press the right-click button on your mouse/trackpad and select the “Copy Link to Selected Text” option
  4. Once the link is created, the text will be briefly highlighted to show you that your work is done.

We tried the Link to Text Fragment extension and can confirm that it works without a hitch on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Happy linking!

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