Google Daydream spec published in Android Nougat Compatibility Document

If you’re still left wondering whether that Snapdragon 820 phone of yours can handle Android’s new VR platform (ahem, ZTE), wonder a little less. The minimum spec requirements for a device with Nougat on it to support virtual reality (and specifically, high performance VR) have been published in the latest Compatibility Definition Document.

Some of the software requirements include OpenGL ES 3.2 support, 4K H.264 encoding, Vulkan Hardware Level 0 support (though Level 1 is preferable) and sustained performance mode.

Hardware-wise, it’s a little more complicated. The screen of the phone must be between 4.7 and 6 inches in diameter with at least full HD resolution, though quad HD is preferred. Refresh rates should be at least 60Hz and, when implemented with alternate-eye buffering, must be synchronized between the two render regions to avoid tearing and artifacting. Bluetooth 4.2 must also be supported.

Qualcomm previously said that only the Snapdragon 821 is currently able to support Daydream spec and thus, the only surefire phones to support Daydream out of the gate are the Pixel and Pixel XL. We believe that the most powerful ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe SKU should also support it. Other phones, however, we’re a little more doubtful of.

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