Ask Google complex questions — it’ll give its best try

We’re somewhat used to asking Google Now to set an alarm for 11:30pm. After all, we can find and play back that very request we made, along with the hundreds of times that we’ve made it. When we asked about Sandra Bullock’s birthday, Google’s Knowledge Graph would pop up a card with her date of birth, her age and a picture of her because you forgot what she looked like.

Now, we can finally ask who the US President was when the Angels won the World Series. That and other such complex questions have been tested with Google’s additions of some query criteria.

You can now look up superlatives and ordinal requests. Who was the tallest US President? The engine spits out a list of them. You can also ask about the 26th US President as well.

Inquiries revolving around time can now be researched. What was the Red Sox roster in 2009? Of course, you can’t ask Google what the Red Sox roster was “back in 2009,” because the algorithm’s still tightly wound up.

But the feature Google now has that’s firmly in the “work in progress” column is the complex combinations. Google now knows, for example, that the US population totaled 183.7 million when President Barack Obama was born. Google even tells us that Obama was born in 1961.

Google can’t seem to figure out who the US poet laureate during the Iran-Contra affair is, though.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction for those of us who can’t formulate stilted, non-grammatical search requests for who was Android project lead when the fifth Nexus device was launched.

Source: Google
Via: Android Central

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