Whatever underlying conflict Google and Amazon have with each other, to many consumers and would-be users of their varied services, it is petty corporate politics.

Amazon has been complaining that Google won’t make its original content available on the Play media platforms while Google isn’t pleased that Amazon won’t sell its Nest and Chromecast products and has apparently pulled its YouTube service from Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV.

A few months ago, the world’s most profitable e-marketplace took the step of beginning sales of those Nest items as well as Apple TV units which it also was not selling. It was believed that Chromecasts also started selling on Amazon, but Droid Life claims that stock hasn’t existed for months.

However, sometime this week, Amazon has once again at least stopped listing Chromecasts, though Nest smart home appliances and Apple TVs are still on digital shelves. Neither side has an explanation on this.

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