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Google Chrome will now preview pages before opening on Android

By Prakhar Khanna March 11, 2021, 10:00 am
Preview Page Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android is getting updated to include new Preview Page options. The feature will let users see the contents of a page before opening it on their phones. It is much like what you get on Apple’s Safari browser where if you hold on to a link you get a preview of the page. As per a report, Google has been working on this feature for the past two years. Now, it has started rolling out the feature to Chrome 89 for Android.

The feature was first spotted by 9to5Google. We were also able to verify it independently. If you want to preview a page before opening it, you need to long-press on a link in Google Chrome for Android and it will open the context menu. You’ll now see a new Preview page option between Open in incognito mode and Copy link address. When you open the Preview page, the app will display the page’s favicon, name, and domain in the top bar. It will also show an option to open the page in full screen as a part of a group of tabs from the host page. You can still close the Preview page by tapping on the close icon or by swiping down.

Google Chrome for Android Preview page

It is still a two-step process and not as simple as the one we get on Safari where you can long-press the link and a preview of the page pops up with other options. It can surely be improved and made easier to use on Chrome for Android.

If you don’t see the Preview page option on your Google Chrome for Android, don’t worry. The company is rolling out this feature with a stable version of Chrome 89 through a server-wide update. The update will also enable Web sharing on desktop, redesigned discover feed, customizable feed, and many other features.



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