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Google Chrome will get extra theming and accent capabilities

By Roland Udvarlaki November 25, 2021, 9:00 am
Google Chrome accent colors and theming Source: Leopeva64 - Reddit

Google Chrome has received dark mode, and more options such as backgrounds to let you customize and personalize your experience to your needs. In the latest Chrome 96, Google also made some design changes, including a more rounded corner design throughout the browser, and other refinements to enhance and modernize the overall look.

Currently, Chrome on Windows lets users apply Windows accent colors to the title bar only, and the colors only usually change if you install a third-party theme. In the new version of Chrome, users might also be able to change the accent color, finally, and it also seems to be supported throughout the entire browser. The accent color has been one of the most requested options in the past, and it’s great to see that Chrome is testing ways to customize the buttons, focus rings, text select backgrounds and so much more (via XDA-Developers).


Leopeva64 posted a few screenshots on Reddit, showing off the new accent colors and theming in action. Leopeva64 spotted the changes in the Chromium Gerrit and posted the following:

Prep work for programmatically setting accent color on Windows.

Change PickGoogleColor() to try and preserve the input contrast ratio, subject to the minimum supplied.

Programmatically compute the item highlight color from the accentcolor.

Enforce contrast minimums for various foreground colors.

The new theming options don’t appear to be live on Chrome Canary just yet, and we have no official information about when we can expect it to see it live. It’s also currently unclear if the accent colors will be controllable for 3rd party themes, or if it can dynamically change site-by-site, based on a website’s colors.

What are your thoughts about the new accent colors and customizability options in Google Chrome? Would you be interested in personalizing the accent color, or would you rather want something dynamic that would change on a per-site basis? Let us know in the comments below!


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